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The Terror of Crab's Claw Bay
The Beginning

The small village of Crab’s Claw Bay has recently seen a boom in its fishing hauls that has attracted hundreds of new inhabitants. While the buildings and streets are swelling to the point of bursting, all is not well. There have been several fishing ships coming back missing crew, badly damaged, or not at all. Those crew that do comeback have tales ranging from mundane to completely bizarre to explain what’s happening outside the calm waters of the bay.

The local courtiers have seen fit to hide themselves in their homes and ride out the storm, not realizing how desperate the situation has become. As such the leader of the local fisherman’s guild, Carlton Angler, has put together a bounty for information about or the neutralization of the threat.

Our adventurers found themselves in the local inn, The Mackerel’s Armpit, looking for information on the bounty. Thessian, the drow warlock, did some investigating around the room and was able to get some information about and, without getting too many details, tentatively agreed on taking the job of finding out what was attacking the ships.

The mountain dwarf cleric, Manford, didn’t care to agree to anything until he had heard more and drank decidedly more. Shortly after our group heard more from Captain Angler and solidified the deal to come aboard the Salty Sea Spray at midnight, Dartinian, the human fighter, felt a little amorous and headed to the upstairs lodging with a lady of ill repute and Thessian decided to try and stealthily help himself to some of Manford’s keg of ale. Manford was able to catch him in the act, however and gave him a back-handed smack that sent him reeling from the table just as two blokes looking for trouble walked in and threw down with the already bickering dwarf and elf.

Thessian, having already been dazed by Manford’s rebuff, was quickly knocked unconscious, but not before sending one of the two thugs scrambling for the door. Just then, having heard the commotion in the common room, Dartinian bursts through the door of his chamber and down the stairs holding nothing but his longsword and wearing nothing but a terrifying smile. This sight sent the second goon for the door with few choice words about the sanity of our heroes.

After much thanks from the tavern keeper, in form of free food, drink, and lodging, for taking care of the two bandits that have been shaking him down for months and a few hours rest, the adventurers head down to the docks to meet Captain Angler. As the captain had to leave some of his crew ashore to accommodate the three new bodies on deck. Thessian was to man the rigging, Dartinian was to climb the rigging and spot from the crow’s nest, and Manford quickly went to healing the few sick and injured crewmembers. Dartinian found his sight was lacking that evening and decided to come back down the rigging just when Thessian lost his grip on the ropes sending the fighter tumbling to the deck. Having been badly injured in the fall, Dartinian sought the aid of Manford’s healing. The cleric didn’t take kindly to the way Dartinian asked for help but, after he agreed to tithe 50 gold to the next Temple of Moradin they come across, Manford healed him.

Just as the disorder subsided a bolt of fire hurtled toward the ship from the darkness of the sky above. Once the party realized they had all safely dodged that danger they helped the rest of the crew battle the fire on deck and had it mostly extinguished when Thessian spotted the beast that caused the havoc and realized it was coming in for another strike. It was a chimera and with that it smashed into the deck of the ship tearing up a large piece of it and blasting the ship with fire breath again before it darted back into the night. This was when the crew of the ship started to uncontrollably panic which was only worsened by the loss of their coxswain, Jim, and Thessian’s poor attempt to calm them. Dartinian, however, was able to use his military leadership and calm the captain down who, in turn, was able to steady the rest of the crew.

Before they could get too comfortable another crash hit the ship and this one was through the hole in the deck and bursting from the underside of the hull back into the air and off to the northwest… The Salty Sea Spray was quickly going down. Our group’s quick thinking saw them construct a crude raft from the wreckage of the ship and were able to save all but one crew member on their way back to shore, arriving just as the sun started to crest over the horizon of the sea.

The heroes met with the regional courtier, Hubert Gregorson, who agreed to pay them 500 gold each if they were able to track and kill the chimera and they were each given a reward from the crew members they saved; a sword of light for the foolhardy fighter, a hat of disguise for the wily warlock, and a broach of shielding for the crass cleric.


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